Modern Datacenter Infrastructure and Cloud

End User Computing

End User Computing is away of enabling users access an Enterprise application, Desktops and data from anywhere, at any time and using any device, i.e desktop, Mobile, tablets or Thin client terminals. This will enable enterprises to run the end user computing resources centrally from premise or public cloud. This service enables enterprises secure corporate data, automate access of users and End User management load on ICT team.

Datacenter Infrastructure

As companies are building datacenter infrastructure to run application that automate their services, considering the right environment that provide consistency and persistence in the provisioning of those applications and Services deployed on the systems is off high value to ensure the enterprises Return on Investment. Those applications require Compute, storage and Networking.

We at Malam Engineering can support your custom build your datacenter from consultation, upto Design, Supply, Implement and maintain your datacenter environment Such Servers, Storage, Datacenter Networking. Our experts are certified and verified in their work by the vendors. IBM , DellEMC , Lonovo , Cisco , Huawei

Backup and Data Protection

Data is the most valuable asset, the importance of safeguarding the data is vital for survival of an organization. Data back up and Data protection enable organization recover from human and natural disasters that can destroy the inside data. . Our experts are certified and verified in their work by the vendors – DellEMC, IBM, Veeam, Commvault, Veritas, VMware

Modern Datacenter Solution

Traditional datacenter limit our datacenter performance because they lack automation, resource utilization, flexibility and ability to integrate with different cloud environment. By introducing Virtualization ICT managers will have resource utilization at the palm of your hands, ability to deploy solution in matter of minutes, or hours than in months using traditional datacenter. VMware, Nutanix, Oracle, Microsoft Hyper-V, IBM PowerVM

Endpoint Protection Solution

Organizations secure the Edge Network using Firewalls but, most of the time End Users using their End Points such as Computers, tablets and mobiles become the weak point for attackers to enter our data network. Provisioning of security for each user in your organization is our Job. We are masters in protecting securing endpoints in organizations. Kaspersky Endpoint Security, Sophos, Symantec, Fortinet Endpoint Security

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