Data Center Facility and Power

Data Center Facility is the physical facility that makes enterprise computing possible, and it houses the following: Enterprise computer systems. The networking equipment and associated hardware needed to ensure the computer systems’ ongoing connectivity to the Internet or other business networks and keep things up and running with very little downtime.

You need a data center that keeps up with today’s pace of business making. Our expertise in data centers facilities,

Including power and cooling optimization, Rack and Cabinets, PDUs, DCIMs, Aisle containments, structured cabling, Safety and Security Systems, allow you to maximize the impact of your server, storage and virtualization projects.

By Using Modular Data Center, protect on premise business applications, roll out and implement software defined data centers, simplify and speed up planning, designing and building your data center, optimize costs and performance, secure critical applications and your most valuable data, monitor, automate and control your entire data center physical infrastructure with integrated DCIM

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