Enterprise Network and Security

In an organization or any business environment, User Devices and applications, including software and hardware, need to be in reliable communication to facilitate meetings, Video and audio calls, emails, messaging, and all sorts of office communications between the staff. And to perform at their best, organizations need high-speed, reliable and Secure networks to enable smooth operations and optimal uptime.

To make this possible only optimized Network infrastructure, which you can count on, in terms of reliability and security.

By providing a secure connection between computers and devices in an organization, enterprise networks ensure secure and seamless data transfer and communications internally and externally with employees, business partners, Websites, Devices and customers.

Enterprise Network only residing on one area is called LAN and many LANs collected is known as WAN, and connecting many LAN’s Traditionally (MPLS) and in modern days (SD-WAN).

MALAM Engineering has 9 Years of experience with Networking and security and worked about 50 projects.

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