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Building and Managing Data Center

Data Center is a “hardened” facility that is dedicated to providing uninterrupted service to business-critical data processing operations.
Among its many features of data center and the facility associated with it are: 7 x 24 x 365 availability, Fail-safe reliability and continuous monitoring, Power management and network communications, redundancy and path diversity, Network security, physical access control and video surveillance, Zoned environmental control, Fire suppression and early warning smoke detection systems. We build a data center which can fulfil you requirements and we manage the data center until the client’s ICT staff is capable enough to manage the same. We work with the most known brands in the industry, such as:

Intelligent Transportation System​

Most organizations these days own at least a few vehicles for various purposes. A construction company would have several trucks and tractors while a travel agency might own several vans and multipurpose vehicles.

Just like equipment in
the office such as printers and servers, vehicles need to be maintained and most
importantly tracked. By using our FMS, you can do the following tasks: –
* Show the current location of the vehicle
* Replays the history of the location of the vehicle
*  Alerts on over speed
* Analysis the fuel usage of your vehicle
* Mobile Surveillance System
* Alerts the maintenance time of each vehicle
* Helps to have un biased evaluation of driver performance
* Fuel Management and many more
* Public Display and Announcer System
* Passenger Access Control System and Many More

Video Surveillance System & Video Intercoms

Companies who want to interrupt or eliminate crime or at least decrease crimes, monitor the activity of employees while they are away from their office, preventing theft, deterring criminals ,
,increasing staff’s performance at work by closely monitoring their activity, monitor who enters and who exits their building or property at any time of day and night, or those who need a proof in case of break-ins or in case an employee misbehaves are working with us and are using our physical security solutions. We provide SupplySafety & Security Systems including CCTVSystems, Access Control Systems, Fire Alarming & Suppression Systems, Access Control Systems, Car Parking Management Systems and etc.

Enterprise Networking

With the complexities of networks, it is necessary to use architectures and methodologies in network design to support business goals

. Network Infrastructure
needs proper Preparation, Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation, and
Optimization and our top-down design approach, that we took from Cisco Enterprise
networking design model, to network design adapts the network infrastructure to the
network applications’ needs.
Supply of LAN & WAN Equipment for Data & Voice Network Infrastructure which
includes UTP Cabling & accessories, Optical Fibers & Accessories, Switches, routers
and accessories. Brands we sale: Cisco, HP and Oracle

Data Center Facility

Supply of Data Center Facility solutions including Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems, Air-condition Systems, CCTV Solutions, Raised Floor Solutions, Rack Cabinets, Power Distribution & UPS solutions.

Consultancy & Project Management

Supervisionstasks and project management data/telecom infrastructure, safety and security systems

Unified Communication Solutions

Supply of Unified Communication Solutions including Video Conferencing solutions, PBX Solutions, Telephone Devices and Main Distribution Frames and Cables. Brands we sale: Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel and Poly com

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